MA Diplomacy and International Studies

2-year Master of Arts program where students can choose from two study plans:

Study Plan A
8 core courses
IDS699 Thesis

Study Plan B
8 core courses
2 elective courses
IDS697 Comprehensive Examination
IDS698 Independent Studies


Core Courses

IDS603 International Politics and Security
Theoretical approaches to international relations and international politics; historical evolution of international relations; behavior and foreign policies of states; roles of international norms and international institutions, namely global and regional issues related to international security, cultural and religious conflicts, the use of force, terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, epidemic outbreaks, new threats to security; role of the UN Security Council; peacekeeping operations

IDS604 International Law and International Organizations
International law and key concepts; sources of international law, international law on the use of force and terrorism; law of the sea; treaty law, multinational environmental law; dispute settlement; origins, current roles, the influence over world politics and economics of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

IDS605 International Economics and International Business
International trade: concept of comparative cost advantage, commercial policy. International business: strategies of international business; entry strategy and strategic alliance; exporting, importing and countertrade; global HR management; human resource in the international business

IDS606 Global Perspectives on Public Diplomacy
History and dynamics of public diplomacy; strategies and techniques for influencing opinion and behaviour of international audience; use of media in the digital era; skills communication, especially writing; analysis of key data; practical dimensions of public diplomacy; e-diplomacy

IDS607 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
International negotiations; leverage; characteristics of bargaining, elements and factors of negotiations, mediation, arbitration; international conflict environment; preventive diplomacy; humanitarian intervention; non-official diplomacy; reconciliation; transitional justice

IDS608 Political Economy of Asia
Economic performance of Asian countries, particularly in East and Southeast Asia, conditions that support liberalization and high rate of growth in Asia, the development of policies and strategies of major countries in the region, the role of state-led export and industrial policy, the Asian financial crisis, the regionalism in Asia, the implication of China’s emergence as economic powerhouse, political economy of East Asia and India

IDS609 ASEAN Integration
Origins and history of the origins of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; regionalism and the establishment of ASEAN community; the institutional system of the ASEAN; three pillars of ASEAN community; roles of ASEAN community in the global arena, analysis of the ASEAN policy process and the impacts of those policies; recent developments of ASEAN; and its future challenges facing ASEAN member countries and its dialogue partners

IDS661 Research Methodology
The use of quantitative and qualitative methods, research design, hypotheses and research questions development, data collection and analysis, statistical analysis, field experiments, surveys, content analysis, in-depth interview and focus group discussion, research presentation

Thesis (Plan A) or Independent Studies (Plan B)

IDS697 Comprehensive Examination
A written examination of major course work, an appointed examination committee may also require an oral examination.

IDS698 Independent Studies
Directed reading and research for credit under the supervision of an advisor, certain issues within the discipline of diplomacy and international studies. The topic for study and research must be approved by the relevant advisor prior to commencement of the study.

IDS699 Thesis
Students who choose plan A must complete a thesis on diplomacy and international studies or related fields as partial requirement of this program. The research topic must be approved by the research topic defense examination committee and the advisor prior to their actual research work.

Elective Courses

IDS602 Foreign Policy Analysis
IDS642 Contemporary Political Economy of Southeast Asia
IDS643 International Political Economy
IDS645 Human Rights and Transnational Social Issues
IDS670 Regional Cooperation and Integration: Theory and Practice
IDS681 Thai Studies
IDS690 Seminar on NGOs: Theory and Practice
IDS691 Seminar on Trade and Investment in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam
IDS693 Seminar on Global Issues

Additional Course

ENG500 English for Graduate Studies